Web Wiz Forums Database Microsoft SQL Server v7 to v9 Update

This tool is to update a Web Wiz Forums version 7 to version 9 SQL Server Database

Please Read!!
Do NOT use this tool on a live database, and make sure you have backed-up the database first

Enter a username and password in the box below that has table creation/modification
rights at the SQL Server database you are using.

MS SQL Server Database Details
Database Server Name:
This is the name/location or IP address to your MS SQL Server
Name of Database:
This is the Name of your database

Database Server Username:
This is the Username you use to login to your database

Database Server Password:
This is the Password you use to login to your database
SQL Server Username for creating tables
This is the Username for creating and modifying tables on the database. This maybe different to your login username.
Database Table Prefix:
ONLY change this is you didn't use the default prefix of 'tbl' when creating your forums database.